GT2 in development

GT2 in development

We are wrapping up the development of our upcoming model GT2 IEM.  As part of our on-going, 3 years-in development of new dynamic driver design, we are pleased to showcase our GT2 audiophile's in-ear monitor featuring the proprietary Pressurized High-Purity Carbon (PHPC) driver. 

PHPC driver is utilizing a proprietary variant of new carbon as its core diaphragm material that is extremely rigid yet incredibly light.  It is designed to provide maximum initial attack, with the light-weight decay which accurately expresses the remaining frequency range as clear and detailed as possible.  GT2 is tuned to deliver full-range frequency range all the way up to 40khz, while staying natural and dynamic, with no obvious weakness or faults throughout.

The housing for GT2 is 6-axis CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum - designed ergonomically for maximum comfort and fit.

We will showcase its prowess at the upcoming Canjam NYC 2019, with the delivery scheduled for April of 2019.  Stay tuned!

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