SPC Litz Hi-fi IEM Cable
Silver / rare metal fusion alloy, OCC-casted audiophile IEM cable with Kevlar-reinforced core and Litz-5 configuration.
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OCC-casted Silver-plated / Rare Metal Fusion Alloy
Extremely high performance conductors used to build the C1 pave the path for distortion-free audio signal. The C1 minimizes transmission phase shifts and provides improved audio clarity with better depth, width and imaging.

Litz-5 Configured
Four 18-strand conductors are individually insulated, totaling 72 strands per wire, 288 strands per cable. Each of the 18-strand braid are insulated from one another using a PVD deposited clear coating. This extra layer protects the conductors from oxidation, color change and enables better longevity of the cable.

Kevlar-reinforced Fiber Core
Four individual braids surround a central Kevlar-reinforcement fiber core for maximum tensile strength and durability.



Connector 2-Pin (0.78mm)
Cable composition Silver-plated / rare metal fusion custom alloy
Conductor core Kevlar-reinforced fiber core
Construction Litz-5 configuration
Cable length 1.2M
Plug 3.5mm gold plated



M5-12D / M5-6D / M5-1D / other 0.78mm 2-Pin IEM / earphones with recessed and flat sockets


What's Included

  • 1 C1 IEM cable


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