Power Pouch

Battery Carrying Pouch for Wireless Earphones


Carry 800mAh capacity battery with you and never miss a beat from your wireless earbuds on-the-go.



Carry Extra Power with You
ADVANCED Power Pouch features built-in 800mAh power bank, which charges most wireless earbuds up to 7 times while providing protection on-the-go.

Low Profile and Highly Durable
The Power Pouch utilizes premium vegan leather with high-quality stitching, boasting the sophisticated, understated and low-profile design.  Convenient LED battery-life indication allows the users to understand how much battery life is left on the Power Pouch.

Extensive Battery Safety Features
Power shuts off automatically when the earbuds are fully charged.  The Power Pouch also features over-discharging / over-charge protection to preserve the battery at its top shape.

Advanced Through-Charging feature allows the Power Pouch to be charged while charging the earbuds inside.

  • 1 microUSB charging cable



Battery 800mAh/3.7V Polymer Li-ion Battery
Input voltage 4.5-5.5V
Output voltage DC 5V
Output current Max 500mA
Charging interface MicroUSB
Charging current 500mA
Pouch size 90mm x 20mm x 130mm


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