ADVANCED M5-1D 3D-printed Universal In-ear Monitors IEM Earphones for Musicians Handmade
ADVANCED M5-1D 3D-printed Universal In-ear Monitors IEM Earphones for Musicians Handmade
ADVANCED M5-1D 3D-printed Universal In-ear Monitors IEM Earphones for Musicians Handmade
ADVANCED M5-1D Handmade Universal / Custom In-ear Monitors
M5-1D Universal

M5-1D Universal

3D-printed In-ear Monitors

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Pure-Beryllium single dynamic driver crushes summit-fi in its path. Only the hearing is believing.

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ADVANCED M5-1D Handmade Universal / Custom In-ear Monitors Frequency Response Graph


ADVANCED M5-1D driver Pure-Beryllium Dynamic Driver
ADVANCED M5-1D in-ear monitors uses a set of bespoke Pure-Beryllium Dynamic Drivers to deliver powerful and expansive audio in the most natural and coherent manner.


Meticulously Handcrafted
ADVANCED M5-1D in-ear monitors are expertly handcrafted using only the bespoke and highest grade components.  Each unit goes through a specific set of procedure that includes 3D printing, hand-poured mould, grinding, laser-cutting, sanding and polishing.  This meticulous production procedure requires 4-6 weeks of lead-time from preparation of the material to the final assembly.  Once assembled, every M5-1D goes through a rigorous quality control process by the master technician, before finally getting approved and packaged. 

Bespoke Driver Technology
The M5-1D's proprietary driver is designed specifically to fit into an acrylic shell with its resonance characteristic tuned to create the maximum audio fidelity.  The combination of Beryllium plating onto PEEK surrounds and PET base, results in a diaphragm that is full 25 micron thick, which is up to 5 times thicker than the conventional counterparts.  This results in the unprecedented rigidity with an extremely low distortion characteristic.  The resulting audio is dynamic yet neutral, and extended yet natural - of our pure aural expression.

Designed to Fit You
The M5-1D is crafted with medical-grade acrylic, which is one of the safest material to use for a wearable device that comes in contact with your skin.  Universal version of M5-1D is ergonomically designed after studying the shape of thousands of custom in-ear monitors.  We've taken a common denominator from all the different ear shape, and morphed them into the universal shape it is now.  Furthermore, the M5-1D is also offered in custom-fit, crafted to fit only your ear, should you decide to send us your ear impression.

Interchangeable 2-pin Silver-Plated Copper Cable
Included premium quad-braided silver-plated copper cable with a 3.5mm gold-plated plug uses 2-pin (0.78mm) termination that allows the cable and the monitors to be easily detachable. 

  • 1 2-pin silver-plated copper quad-braided cable
  • 3 pairs of black foam tips
  • 3 pairs of black single-flange silicone tips
  • 3 pairs of black dual-flange silicone tips
  • 1 CNC-machined aluminum carrying case
  • 1 leather cable tie
  • 1 microfiber cleaning cloth
  • 1 cleaning brush



Driver unit Pure-Beryllium dynamic driver
Impedance 32ohm+/-15%
Sensitivity 110dB+/-3dB at 1kHz
Frequency response Ultra Wideband 10Hz – 40kHz
THD <0.2% at 1kHz
Input power 5mW
Cable composition Silver-plated copper
Cable length (SPC) 1.5M
IEM connector 2-pin (0.78mm)
Plug 3.5mm gold plated


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