Advanced B Stock


B-Stock /bē-stäk/
  • Refurbished items with either damaged or missing packages tested for full working condition without sonic flaw.
  • May have physical imperfection. 
  • Includes all accessories. 
  • Apply code at the checkout while supplies last.
  • Limited quantity. One item per customer.
  • All sales final. No returns. No warranties. 

*Item has been sold out if following message is shown during checkout*
"Your cart does not meet the requirements for the ********* discount code"

    B-stock Model 3 - Clear (70% off)
    code: BSTOCKmodel3clr
    B-stock Model 3 - Black (70% off)
    code: BSTOCKmodel3blk


    B-stock M4 (70% off)
    code: BSTOCKm4
    B-stock Evo X (70% off)
    code: BSTOCKevox


    B-stock 747 (50% off)
    code: BSTOCK747


    B-stock Mezger (70% off)
    code: BSTOCKmezger