Custom-fit Eartips

3D-printed Silicone Earphone Tips


Made in the USA. Expertly crafted custom-fit silicone eartips provide ultimate sound-isolation and maximum comfort for use with ADVANCED in-ear monitors.



Perfect, Bespoke Fit
ADVANCED custom-fit eartips are made from your bespoke ear impression - designed to fit perfectly only your ear canal.  Proudly made in the USA.

Ultimate Noise-isolation, Incredible Sound
The custom-fit eartips fill in the precise crevasses of your ear canal, resulting in the ultimate noise-isolation up to 25dB.  Such isolation is superior to that of all Active Noise-Cancelling solutions currently available in the market.  This supreme isolation brings the best out of your ADVANCED in-ear monitors and improves the bass response as well as the treble extension to the transducer's maximum potential.

Maximum Comfort
The eartips simply sit in your ear canal with no pressure points as compared to the conventional universal eartips.  This provides maximum comfort for hours of prolonged use ideal for both indoor and outdoor use during travel.

Medical-grade Silicone, Safe for Touch
The eartips are crafted using the medical-grade silicone that is proven to be safe to use on skin with years of experience dealing with custom earplugs and hearing aids behind.  Each eartips have antimicrobial coating that resists any complication.

  • Friction-removing water-gel

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