See you at High End Munich 2023!

We'll be attending The High End Munich 2023! Stop by our booth and say hello!

Hall 1 Booth C-02
MOC Event Center
Munich, Germany
May 18-21, 2023

We're delighted to attend The High End for the first time! High End Munich is an annual trade fair dedicated to high-quality audio equipment, including speakers, amplifiers, headphones, turntables, and other related products. It serves as a platform for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and audio enthusiasts to showcase and experience the latest advancements in audio technology.

The show features a wide range of exhibitors from around the world, including renowned audio companies, emerging brands, and independent manufacturers. Visitors have the opportunity to listen to various audio systems, participate in product demonstrations, and interact with industry professionals to gain insights into the latest trends and innovations.

High End Munich attracts a diverse audience, including audio enthusiasts, music lovers, industry experts, and professionals from the audio and entertainment sectors. Attendees can explore different product categories, discover new releases, and engage in discussions about audio quality, system setup, and overall audio experience.

At this show, we are thrilled to showcase our latest product, Turbo - the world's first hybrid in-ear monitors embedded with the Stadium perpendicular dynamic driver designed and developed for the pursuit of perfect, harmonious, realistic and holographic sound.