Eartune Fidelity UF-A

Memory-foam Ear Tips for AirPods Pro
Made-to-fit AirPods Pro 2nd gen (also compatible with 1st gen). The memory retention properties of the foam ear tips provide superior comfort and noise isolation. 3-pairs in 1-pack. Optional matching case & strap bundle.
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Tip Size
Matching Case & Strap

Start with the size of your AirPods Pro stock ear tips size that fit your ear comfortably.

  • Apple XS / Small -> Eartune Small
  • Apple Medium -> Eartune Medium
  • Apple Large -> Eartune Large
  • Choose Eartune XL for biggest size available that fits inside charging case
  • If none of above works for you because you have gigantic ears, check here.
  • Click here to see the product dimension.

We typically ship within 1-2 business days after the order is received.

Check out our US and international shipping policy here.


Pop off, pop on

Simply pop the stock ear tips off, then pop the Eartune ear tips on.



These replacement foam ear buds make a snugger fit that isn't uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. They are a good investment
and I do recommend them.

Michael Sanchez

Got these because my AirPods kept falling out during my workout and even just laying down in bed. These are kind of like foam ear plugs that
expand to fit your ear and they stay in perfectly. Love them!

Dillon Robbins

When I found these tips for my AirPods I was like, “duh!”. So I bought them immediately and have enjoyed my AirPods way more. Even makes workouts better as they don’t fall out when I run! Thanks ADV.

Bradley Coughlin

These truly do not pop out of your ear. With the other silicone tips they would fly out especially if I was doing something active, but these grip your ears very well and you can do what you gotta do with confidence.

Nick Warner

I love that they come in different colors. We have two pairs of Airpods Pros in our household, so each person can color-code their own.

Barbara VanVoorden
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Foam ear tips made a big difference
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Adjust to your ear

Memory-foam expands to fit the shape of your ear canal for improved seal and comfort.

Built-in waxguard

The waxguard protects and prolongs AirPods Pro from sweat and ear wax build-up.

*Matching case & strap is an optional purchase.

Adv。 Eartune Fidelity UF-A AirPods Pro Memory Foam Ear Tipすべての色

Adv。 Eartune Fidelity UF-A Airpods Pro Memory Foam Ear Tips比較

Adv。 Eartune Fidelity UF-A Apple Airpods Proのメモリフォーム耳のヒント

Adv。 Eartune Fidelity UF-A AirPods Pro Memory Foam Ear Tips

Adv。 Eartune Fidelity UF-A AirPods Pro Memory Foam Ear Tips

Adv。 Eartune Fidelity UF-A AirPods Pro Memory Foam Ear Tips

Adv Eartune Fidelity UF-A Fit Guide








Adv。 Eartune Fidelity UF-Aメモリフォームイヤーチップには、メモリ保持特性があり、耳の内側に快適に座ることができ、優れた快適さと騒音の隔離を提供します。

Eartune Fidelity UF-Aメモリフォームイヤーチップは、充電を妨げることなくAirPods Proの充電ケースに収まるように設計されています。




  • 小さい-3ペアの小さな耳の忠実度UF -Aフォーム耳の先端
  • ミディアム-3ペアミディアムイヤチューンフィデリティUF -Aフォーム耳の先端
  • 大規模-3ペアの大きな耳の忠実度UF -Aフォーム耳の先端
  • ミックス(s / m / l)-1ペアの小さな / 1ペアの中程度 / 1ペアの大きな耳の忠実度uf -aフォーム耳の耳の先端
  • X大型-3ペアの余分な大きな耳の忠実度UF -Aフォーム耳の先端(黒 /灰色のみ)



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