CanJam 2017 San Francisco

We had an amazing time at CanJam 2017 San Francisco show! The intimate setting was perfect for us to engage with and hear feedback from our listeners.

Our Planar Magnetic headphones, Alpha and GT-R, received just as much love in San Francisco as they did in London. We are very excited for their upcoming launches. Alpha is targeted to launch around mid-September; and GT-R is still planned to be launched through Kickstarter.

With their more imminent launch dates, we were very excited to share 747 and S2000 at the show as well. The active noise-cancelling 747, with our in-house Pitch Black Technology, will be available for sale at $59.99 in about 3 weeks. S2000 will also be available in about 3 weeks. We're stoked to offer this IEM to our musicians on stage or at recording studios for its amazing comfort and fit security, full and balanced sound quality, and last not but least its affordability! They will be priced at $19.99. It will be available with the choice of a quarter inch jack or a microphone.

We also will be launching our leather magnetic cable ties soon! With its minimalist tan leather and strong magnets, cable-tangles will be your yesterday's news. Please stay tuned! These will make great stocking-stuffers, for those who are holiday shopping early. ;)

Thank you everyone once again for taking the time to listen to our products.
We had a blast at San Francisco!

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