Advanced Sound Group Musicians and Endorsers


ADVANCED SOUND GROUP started as a collective for all things musician. In our core principle, there lies respect for all musicians as creators and facilitators of content so deeply rooted in human emotion. We recognize the importance of music and the impact it could have in everyone's life, and we want to shine spotlight for those who are practicing, creating or performing it.

This is our call for you

Whether you are a struggling musician behind close doors or a megastar that reaches millions of people.  Your music pushes us to work harder. Your passion inspires for us to think better. Your persistence motivates us to move faster. Your support makes us become stronger. Thank you musicians - our world is a better place because of you.

Year of the ox

Rapper | USA

Jacopo Volpe

Drummer | Italy

Kero One

Rapper, producer | USA

Ronald Jenkees

Producer | USA

Emily C. Browning

Singer, song writer | New Zealand

Yvette Young

Singer, song writer | USA

Def. Grls

Band | USA

Georgie Clifford

Jazz musician | New Zealand

Despite Exile

Band | Italy


Band | USA

Carlo Bari

DJ, producer | USA

Mikky Mixx

Drummer | Italy

Rich Money

Rapper, producer | USA

The Rookie

Band | Italy


Rapper | Italy


Band | Italy

Gianmarco Rizzo

Vocalist, bassist | Italy

Nick Thomas-Low

Composer | USA

Essie Kong

Vocalist | Germany


Band | Italy

Giuseppe Massara

Guitarist | Italy

Ann Colt

DJ | Russia

Antonio Galluci

Saxophonist | Italy