Bespoke in-ear monitors & ear tips, plugs


Depending on the back-orders, the delivery lead time may extend up to 8 weeks for custom in-ear monitors (CIEM) and 4 weeks for Eartune tips and plugs after receiving your ear impression. We recommend that you inquire the production lead time prior to placing your order.

Due to the nature of the custom-fit manufacturing process, refunds are not accepted.

Our standard manufacture's warranty covers manufacturing defect up to 3-years after purchase. Take note that the shape of your ear canal may change due to growth / aging, and your CIEM may need re-shelling after 2-3 years from the manufacturing date.

We will accept refit-claim resulting from poor fitment within the 30 days of delivery. Please make sure to contact us via to begin refit process.

Our warranty policy does not cover re-shelling after the initial 30 days from the delivery.


Step-by-step Order Guide

How to order custom-fit earphones, tips and plugs


Placing your order

Shop Custom-Fit

Step 2-1

Taking your ear impression

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STEP 2-2

Taking your ear impression at home (optional)

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Step 3

Sending your ear impression