Music. Passion. Technology.

It was for the love of music.

It was the respect for all musicians of the past, present and future. It was for the struggling instrumental buried under the heavy bass line. It was for the audiophiles craving that crystal clear and mind-blowing detail.

We began as a small Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and naturally grew into a bigger body that thrives on the enthusiasm and passion for music. We design, develop and produce ground-breaking audio products that span widely from professional in-ear monitors, hearing enhancement & protection devices, sleep sound aids to spatial gaming audio over multiple sub-brands that clearly represent them.

We are focusing on staying forefront with the latest proprietary audio technology, while continuing to explore creative ways to allow everyone to experience the audiophile-grade sound.

We have an open mind and open doors for new ways to collaborate with musicians, audio engineers, manufacturers and brands - as we strive to mature into a platform where the advanced sound converge.


Smallest details are considered and reviewed for development and manufacturing of our audio equipment.  The manufacturing processes include, but not limited to: 3D-printing, 6-axis CNC milling, molding, sanding, and polishing.  Each unit goes through rigorous Internal Quality Control process to ensure that they are functioning optimally out-of-box.