CES 2018 Advanced

Roughly 2 weeks later, we are still riding high on CES excitement. We had a wonderful time meeting many new people and reconnecting with much-missed acquaintances. 

At CES this year, following the prequel of SSK showing, we showcased our M5 in the 3 driver configurations. These along with our Alpha were definitely head-turners at the show, and we had many inquiries from many different distributors and media team from abroad. Further, we are developing communications with more distributors around the globe to better service our international supporters - so please stay tuned. We also introduced new variations of the BT cables. We will be offering an mmcx BT cable and 2-pin BT cable with microUSB charging port. Additionally, mmcx BT cables with USB-C charging port are under development as well. 

Among many visitors were two very special group of people that left a remarkable impression on us. Matt Barkley from the Cardinals, an avid audiophile himself, stopped by (thank you, Josh for introducing us to him) and gave us a thumbs-up and a huge grin of approval for Alpha. We were even more humbled when Mr. Stevie Wonder came to our booth and gave our Alpha and the M5 series a serious listen. He thoroughly listened through all of the 3 configurations of the M5, and after careful comparison, he did share with us that 1D was his favorite. 

With that high note, we wrapped up CES 2018. We are very excited for the year ahead of us, and we cannot wait to share more great news with you!

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