Designed for Musicians ™

Our journey began with love for music.

Music as we knew it and still know it is full of hope and possibility. It allows us to think, escape, cope and express. It always, always allows us to be felt understood.

Our goal is to further enhance the experience with music through a device that delivers the sound we ultimately feel. With this very mission, all of our gears are proudly designed for musicians.

Broadly used, the term "musician" applies to "a person who specializes or is expert in music."

But we believe this term also applies to the following definition:

"a person belonging to or relating to Music"

ADVANCED is designed for persons who specialize or is expert in music.
ADVANCED is designed for persons belonging to or relating to music.
ADVANCED is designed for music lovers.

It is designed for you and I.


We wanted to share our mission statement with you as we stand challenged by the US patent office for the trademark of "Designed for Musicians," for its generic and  broad terms.

We believe our slogan, Designed for Musicians, truly stands for our core value.

What do you think?

ADVANCED - Designed for Musicians