We are very excited to announce our new sub-brand, Eartune.

Eartune focuses solely on the custom and universal ear tips and ear plugs. We wanted to provide a separate platform that is simple and easy to navigate for those looking to enhance listening experience or to protect their hearing -- a clean space that tightly presents the two lineup of items and not overcrowding it with unrelated products.

We understand the fundamental importance of creating a proper seal to experience truly great sound at its highest potential with in-ear monitors. We're proud to offer Eartune Fidelity custom-fit IEM ear tips, a set of handmade custom tips that are made-to-order based on your ear impressions to perfectly fit your ears when combined with your favorite in-ear monitors.

Experiencing the best sound shouldn't just stop with maximized seal through Eartune Fidelity custom tips. We highly recommend everyone to implore upon the options to preserve hearing as best as possible in the noisy world that we live in. 

Under the hearing protection lineup, we offer custom earplugs for various scenarios. Eartune Live concert ear plugs come with 3 different sound attenuation level options (-9dB / -15dB/ -23dB). From the prolonged exposure to dangerously loud sound and noise, to safely enjoy and hear the music, Eartune Live ear plugs are your solution. Eartune Dream sleep ear plugs are great for those who has sensitivity to sound and noise during sleep, or for those whose partners may keep them late at night with their unintentional snoring noise. Eartune Aqua surfer/swimmer ear plugs are ideal for those who regularly swim and surf to prevent surfer's ears and swimmer's ears. It is designed with a hearing membrane, so that you can still hear the sound while keeping water out of your ears. Eartune Impulse shooting/hunting ear plugs are an excellent solution for hearing safety. The ear plugs are designed with filters that allows two attenuation levels, so that you do not have to remove the ear plugs while shooting is sustained - you can simply have the filter on the "open" attenuation level. For those who seek for maximum hearing protection, such as during construction use, Eartune Max construction ear plugs will provide noise block up to 29dB at maximum protection. 

For those who are not yet ready to invest in custom-fitted ear tips and ear plugs, under Eartune, we also offer universal ear tips and ear plugs as well.

We're excited to share this news with our ADV. followers and we hope that everyone will get a chance to experience the vast benefits that come from custom ear tips and ear plugs.

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