Sleeper is the second new sub-brand of ADV. that focuses on providing comfortable and ergonomic earbuds ideal for sleep, travel, meditation and ASMR. Sleeper's separate platform will allow users to browse and navigate easily. Particularly for those who are looking for a comfortable and non-fatiguing pair of earbuds to work seamlessly for relaxing activities such as sleeping, traveling, meditating and listening to ASMR recordings, Sleeper would be the perfect solution.

The Sleeper is offered in two types of connections. One is with 3.5mm audio jack connection and the other is via wireless connection, Sleeper and Sleeper Wireless respectively. Both types are designed to be your travel and sleep companion. Its earbud's tiny housing is made of silicone uni-body and designed for maximum comfort and universal fitment. A full-range micro driver is designed to deliver neutral and comfortable sound signature perfect for sleep and relaxation - no sudden peaks and spikes. Only a pleasant surprise. The Sleeper is constructed in flexible and comfortable silicone uni-body housing with one-size ear tips designed to fit all ear types. Perfect small size in-ear design stays in ears comfortably even for side-sleeping. Talking about its sound quality, the Sleeper and Sleeper wireless is specifically tuned for neutral and comfortable listening suitable for sleeping and relaxation in all volume levels. Details are clear and never fatiguing, bass is controlled but fully present.

The Sleeper Wireless is put together with a soft, flexible and light-weight neckband that sits around your neck whether in-motion or in-bed. The latest BT version 5.0 chipset provides lightning-quick and rock-solid wireless connection to your smartphones, with 7-hour continuous music play time that will last through your marathon zoom conference or you sleep through the night.

We're excited to share this news with our ADV. followers and we hope that everyone will get a chance to experience the true comfort and pleasant sound quality of the Sleeper. 

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