Did you know?
  • Live events employ over 12 million people.
  • Live events contributes over $1 trillion annually to the US economy.
  • 95% of live events have been cancelled due to COVID-19.
  • 96% of companies have cut staff and/or wages.
  • 77% of people in the live events industry have lost 100% of their income, including 97% of 1099 workers.

Let's spread the word, raise awareness, take action -- together.

Here's how:

Please post a red-tinted photo of your favorite live event to your social media with the following caption:

#RedAlertRESTART: the live events we love may never recover from the pandemic, we need to take action! Take 2 minutes to contact your representatives here, and post a red photo of you at your favorite event, too: https://wemakeevents.org #WeMakeEvents #ExtendPUA
To learn more, visit: https://wemakeevents.org/

    As part of this awareness event:

    We are offering a BOGO special for Model 2 IEMs.
    Apply code RedAlertRESTART at the checkout.
    Offer valid until 9/11/20.

    ADV. Model 2 BOGO #RedAlertRESTART