GT3 Superbass | Head-fi

"[GT3] Superbass caters beautifully to a crowd wanting a bassy earphone that tiptoes into a more premium segment, yet still without costing an arm and a leg."

GT3 Superbass | Headphone & Earphone Reviews

"The [GT3] Superbass is a warm, bass enhanced monitor with some real impact to the lower registers and an overall warm and smooth tuning."

GT3 Superbass | Head-fi

"In conjunction with its outstanding build quality, the GT3 Superbass’s sonic performance makes it a hard IEM to beat at its price-point, so long as you’re looking for an IEM on the bassier side."

GT3 | Head-fi

"The sound quality is technically very strong, with great speed, high detail and above average wide stage in a spacious and airy presentation."

GT3 | Ngoshawk Sounds

"From sultry vocals to Carlo’s sensuous guitar your ears are wrought with an almost eargasm of sound."

GT3 | The Contraptionist

"Like it’s German namesake, [GT3's] build quality is excessively good and its performance isn’t for the mainstream. It focuses on technical prowess and knife edge accuracy."

Alpha | The Master Switch

"ADVANCED Alphas are among the most exciting, appealing, dynamic headphones we've ever heard, and it all starts with that bass."

GT3 | About Audio

"GT3 goes for a sound signature similar to AKG K3003, but with better price, performance, and functionality."

GT3 | Medium

"GT3 is an excellent IEM featuring the natural cohesion of a dynamic driver and much of the textural resolution and precision one might expect from a balanced-armature driver."

Alpha | Z Reviews

"It’s like the twilight zone. I'm not sure if that’s gonna make everyone’s day but it f****** made mine."

M4 | Head-fi

"A great stepping stone to neutral signature. You cannot get better balanced sounding earphones for this money."

Alpha | Head-fi

"More importantly it feels very natural, not artificial sounding. Imaging is outstanding, with a constant presence of cohesiveness. Instrument separation is very good."

Alpha | Headfonics

"[Alpha] is a very good performer with a solid desktop system delivering a linear but well extended low-end with good body and a clean and clear midrange with some vocal elevation."

S2000 | DroidHorizon

"They rise above anything else in the same price range, listening to rock, metal, and pop I was blown away by its impressive bass, crisp vocals and treble."

Alpha | Everyday Listening

"If you’re searching for a well-balanced open-back headphone, newcomer Advanced Sound have produced one of the most versatile offerings yet."

Alpha | Medium

"Solid construction, excellent detail retrieval, and great balanced tuning make it an exceptional buy. I highly recommend it..."

S2000 | Head-fi

"Treble that is actually present is quite articulate and agile, much more so than I was expecting from an IEM of this price."

Alpha | Head-fi

"Alpha offers good tonal balance with great midrange timbre, excellent bass extension and a revealing yet still well-done treble presentation..."

Alpha | The Contraptionist

"The Alpha backs up some impressive comfort with a pleasingly authoritative, balanced signature that is detailed and vibrant, yet still easy on the ears."

Model 3 | The Headphone List

"Model 3’s crisp but natural high-end is very tasteful and surprisingly technical."

Model 3 | Digital Trends

"Cranking the volume to max, we were happy to note that the 'buds got LOUD, in wireless and wired modes alike..."

Model 3 | Hearfidelity

"They are a lot of fun, and have a very musical sound signature, without sacrificing every ounce of detail and clarity..."

Model 3 | iLounge

"Model 3 is one of those rare headphones that’s notable not only for its sound, but also for its technology."

EVO X | Zettai Audio

"Offers a richer and smoother sound. Fun sounding and well achieved for a sport IEM."

Mezger | iLounge

"Mezger does an excellent job in a tiny, portable package — the Mezger is definitely worth a look."

Model 3 | Cinema-Tech

"Output is very natural and vocals are crisp and emphasized, trust me you won't be disappointed."

M4 | Head-fi

"Excellent separation, clarity and speed. Great treble articulation and energy"

Evo X | Medium

"The hand of God couldn’t shake it off your ears, even if it tried"

Mezger | Yanko Design

"Did I mention, Lossless Audio Playback VIA BLUETOOTH!"

Model 3 | The Straits Times

"The Model 3 is what Bluetooth earphones aspire to be, with great build and sound quality"

Model 3 | Yahoo Finance

"These are high-resolution music monitors and they sound fantastic"

Evo X | Head-fi

"Created one of the best Sports bluetooth IEM's. They have earned a permanent place in my gym bag."

Evo X | Head-fi

"These indeed have an easy and secure fit while working out."

Evo X | Head-fi

"Its ergonomics, comfort, and convenience are unmatched in this group"

Model 3 | Cinema-Tech

"I'm no audiophile but I can tell the quality of sound is definitely different"

Model 3 | Head-fi

"The soundstage is quite remarkable - precise, with very clear spatial cues"

Model 3 | Head-fi

"The bass is full with a chunky mid bass, with solid extension down low"

Model 3 | Kiatech

"The freedom from moving wireless to wired is greatly satisfying"

Model 3 | Soundguys

"The rumble of the bass guitar maintains all its grittiness through the Model 3"

Model 3 | Head-fi

"Female vocals, wind instruments, and pianos all sound so natural and infectious"

Model 3 | Medium

"The Advanced Sound Model 3 Packs A Fantastic Value Into An $80 Package"

Model 3 | Head-fi

"You have a solidly built, beautifully sounding wireless/wired in ear monitors"

M4 | Head-fi

"Naturalistic sound - that nice balance, that realism apparent in acoustic stuff"

M4 | Audiophile On

"Vocals are presented clear and smooth, they are pushed way forward from the highs"

M4 | Kiatech

"Vocals and voices are on the top and sound very clear and natural"

M4 | Headpie

"M4 is an airy and pleasant earphone and it has enough bass to satisfy"

M4 | Head-fi

"No other headphones at this price range offer such build quality or accessories"

M4 | Head-fi

"The M4 in-ears do many things right and offer a very solid value for the money"

M4 | Hardware Canucks

"The sound is flat which brings out the details, instrument separation and definition"

M4 | DroidHorizon

"I was blown away by its impressive bass, crisp vocals and treble"

M4 | Head-fi

"The M4 sounds spacious and airy, with better instruments separation"

M4 | TechRoam

"This cable is perfectly braided, very durable and feels premium in your hand"

M4 | Head-fi

"Clearly hear artists' minute intakes of breath, fingers sliding along guitar strings"

M4 | Soundguys

"The M4’s are really durable and almost impossible to tangle"

M4 | Medium

"The detailed and colorless sound signature continues to make the M4 my IEM of choice"

M4 | Headfonics

"At $39.99 it’s a bargain, a bang for buck bargain and does compete quite well"

M4 | Digital Trends

"I believe most musicians I know would be pleased with the Advanced M4"