Eartune Fidelity | Everyday Listening

"Comfort remains superb even after hours of use."

M5-1D | DBS Tech Talk

"They have totally impressed me...sound signature very similar to Hifiman Edition X."

Model X+ | About Audio

"easily recommendable for anybody looking for a quality, reliable TWS earphone."

Model X+ | Tech Odyssey

"Totally awesome sound experience … you won’t regret it."

Furai | DBS Tech Talk

"I have never heard sound stage so good on an in-ear."

Model 3 BA2 | Head-fi

"Small, comfortable, killer mids and quality bass, and relaxed highs..."


"M5 TWS offers excellent battery life, stable connectivity and water resistance."


"M5-TWS scores high for me in the unique design and ease of pairing."

Furai | Head-fi

"The Advanced Sound Furai is an outstanding IEM."


"I am pleased with the connectivity and stability of the earbuds."


"My preference is Queen, if you listen to that, you'll enjoy these very much."

M5-1D | About Audio

"The chewy, meaty bass makes the sound so appreciable."

Elise | Vox Sonitus

"Elise is very hard to beat. This may very well be your next everyday carry."

GT3 Superbass | Prime Audio

"Without a doubt deserving of the “Superbass” title, the bass is delicious."

GT3 | Prime Audio

"Sub-bass extension is fantastic and I love the way the GT3 renders the low notes."

GT3 Superbass | Head-fi

"[GT3] Superbass caters beautifully to a crowd wanting a bassy earphone."

GT3 Superbass | Headphone & Earphone Reviews

"[GT3] Superbass is a warm, bass enhanced monitor with some real impact..."

GT3 Superbass | Head-fi

"GT3 Superbass’s sonic performance makes it a hard IEM to beat at its price-point."

GT3 | Head-fi

"The sound quality is technically very strong, with great speed, high detail..."

GT3 | Ngoshawk Sounds

"From sultry vocals to Carlo’s sensuous guitar your ears are wrought with an almost eargasm of sound."

GT3 | The Contraptionist

"[GT3] focuses on technical prowess and knife edge accuracy."

Alpha | The Master Switch

"The Alphas are among the top-five headphones currently available, at any price."

GT3 | About Audio

"Trebles from the GT3 are outstanding to the degree that I could even compare it with my other flagship IEMs."

GT3 | Medium

"The GT3 is another truly worthwhile product from Advanced."

Alpha | Z Reviews

"It’s like the twilight zone. I'm not sure if that’s gonna make everyone’s day but it f****** made mine."

M4 | Head-fi

"You cannot get better balanced sounding earphones for this money."

Alpha | Head-fi

"Imaging is outstanding, with a constant presence of cohesiveness."

Alpha | Headfonics

"It is attractive in its own right and the quality of the finish is actually very good indeed."

S2000 | DroidHorizon

"I was blown away by its impressive bass, crisp vocals and treble."

Alpha | Everyday Listening

"Alpha represents a surprisingly mature example, excelling with coherence and control."

Alpha | Medium

"Solid construction, excellent detail retrieval, and great balanced tuning make it an exceptional buy. I highly recommend it..."

S2000 | Head-fi

"Treble that is actually present is quite articulate and agile, much more so than I was expecting from an IEM of this price."

Alpha | Head-fi

"Alpha offers good tonal balance with great midrange timbre, excellent bass extension and a revealing yet still well-done treble presentation..."

Alpha | The Contraptionist

"The Alpha’s sound signature is vibrant yet easy on the ears with a very balanced presentation."

Model 3 | The Headphone List

"Model 3’s crisp but natural high-end is very tasteful and surprisingly technical."

Model 3 | Hearfidelity

"They are a lot of fun, and have a very musical sound signature, without sacrificing every ounce of detail and clarity..."

Model 3 | iLounge

"Model 3 is one of those rare headphones that’s notable not only for its sound, but also for its technology."

EVO X | Zettai Audio

"Offers a richer and smoother sound. Fun sounding and well achieved for a sport IEM."

Mezger | iLounge

"Mezger does an excellent job in a tiny, portable package — the Mezger is definitely worth a look."

Model 3 | Cinema-Tech

"Output is very natural and vocals are crisp and emphasized, trust me you won't be disappointed."

M4 | Head-fi

"Excellent separation, clarity and speed. Great treble articulation and energy"

Evo X | Medium

"The hand of God couldn’t shake it off your ears, even if it tried"

Mezger | Yanko Design

"Did I mention, Lossless Audio Playback VIA BLUETOOTH!"

Model 3 | The Straits Times

"The Model 3 is what Bluetooth earphones aspire to be, with great build and sound quality"

Model 3 | Yahoo Finance

"These are high-resolution music monitors and they sound fantastic"

Evo X | Head-fi

"Created one of the best Sports bluetooth IEM's. They have earned a permanent place in my gym bag."

Evo X | Head-fi

"These indeed have an easy and secure fit while working out."

Evo X | Head-fi

"Its ergonomics, comfort, and convenience are unmatched in this group"

Model 3 | Cinema-Tech

"I'm no audiophile but I can tell the quality of sound is definitely different"

Model 3 | Head-fi

"The soundstage is quite remarkable - precise, with very clear spatial cues"

Model 3 | Head-fi

"The bass is full with a chunky mid bass, with solid extension down low"

Model 3 | Kiatech

"The freedom from moving wireless to wired is greatly satisfying"

Model 3 | Soundguys

"The rumble of the bass guitar maintains all its grittiness through the Model 3"

Model 3 | Head-fi

"Female vocals, wind instruments, and pianos all sound so natural and infectious"

Model 3 | Medium

"The Advanced Sound Model 3 Packs A Fantastic Value Into An $80 Package"

Model 3 | Head-fi

"You have a solidly built, beautifully sounding wireless/wired in ear monitors"

M4 | Head-fi

"Naturalistic sound - that nice balance, that realism apparent in acoustic stuff"

M4 | Audiophile On

"Vocals are presented clear and smooth, they are pushed way forward from the highs"

M4 | Kiatech

"Vocals and voices are on the top and sound very clear and natural"

M4 | Headpie

"M4 is an airy and pleasant earphone and it has enough bass to satisfy"

M4 | Head-fi

"No other headphones at this price range offer such build quality or accessories"

M4 | Head-fi

"The M4 in-ears do many things right and offer a very solid value for the money"

M4 | Hardware Canucks

"The sound is flat which brings out the details, instrument separation and definition"

M4 | DroidHorizon

"I was blown away by its impressive bass, crisp vocals and treble"

M4 | Head-fi

"The M4 sounds spacious and airy, with better instruments separation"

M4 | TechRoam

"This cable is perfectly braided, very durable and feels premium in your hand"

M4 | Head-fi

"Clearly hear artists' minute intakes of breath, fingers sliding along guitar strings"

M4 | Soundguys

"The M4’s are really durable and almost impossible to tangle"

M4 | Medium

"The detailed and colorless sound signature continues to make the M4 my IEM of choice"

M4 | Headfonics

"At $39.99 it’s a bargain, a bang for buck bargain and does compete quite well"