Alpha | The Master Switch

"The Alphas are among the top-five headphones currently available, at any price."

Alpha | Z Reviews

"It’s like the twilight zone. I'm not sure if that’s gonna make everyone’s day but it f****** made mine."

Alpha | Head-fi

"Imaging is outstanding, with a constant presence of cohesiveness."

Alpha | Headfonics

"It is attractive in its own right and the quality of the finish is actually very good indeed."

Alpha | Everyday Listening

"Alpha represents a surprisingly mature example, excelling with coherence and control."

Alpha | Medium

"Solid construction, excellent detail retrieval, and great balanced tuning make it an exceptional buy. I highly recommend it..."

Alpha | Head-fi

"Alpha offers good tonal balance with great midrange timbre, excellent bass extension and a revealing yet still well-done treble presentation..."

Alpha | The Contraptionist

"The Alpha’s sound signature is vibrant yet easy on the ears with a very balanced presentation."