M4 | Head-fi

"You cannot get better balanced sounding earphones for this money."

M4 | Head-fi

"Excellent separation, clarity and speed. Great treble articulation and energy"

M4 | Head-fi

"Naturalistic sound - that nice balance, that realism apparent in acoustic stuff"

M4 | Audiophile On

"Vocals are presented clear and smooth, they are pushed way forward from the highs"

M4 | Kiatech

"Vocals and voices are on the top and sound very clear and natural"

M4 | Headpie

"M4 is an airy and pleasant earphone and it has enough bass to satisfy"

M4 | Head-fi

"No other headphones at this price range offer such build quality or accessories"

M4 | Head-fi

"The M4 in-ears do many things right and offer a very solid value for the money"

M4 | Hardware Canucks

"The sound is flat which brings out the details, instrument separation and definition"

M4 | DroidHorizon

"I was blown away by its impressive bass, crisp vocals and treble"

M4 | Head-fi

"The M4 sounds spacious and airy, with better instruments separation"

M4 | TechRoam

"This cable is perfectly braided, very durable and feels premium in your hand"

M4 | Head-fi

"Clearly hear artists' minute intakes of breath, fingers sliding along guitar strings"

M4 | Soundguys

"The M4’s are really durable and almost impossible to tangle"

M4 | Medium

"The detailed and colorless sound signature continues to make the M4 my IEM of choice"

M4 | Headfonics

"At $39.99 it’s a bargain, a bang for buck bargain and does compete quite well"