Model 3 | The Headphone List

"Model 3’s crisp but natural high-end is very tasteful and surprisingly technical."

Model 3 | Hearfidelity

"They are a lot of fun, and have a very musical sound signature, without sacrificing every ounce of detail and clarity..."

Model 3 | iLounge

"Model 3 is one of those rare headphones that’s notable not only for its sound, but also for its technology."

Model 3 | Cinema-Tech

"Output is very natural and vocals are crisp and emphasized, trust me you won't be disappointed."

Model 3 | The Straits Times

"The Model 3 is what Bluetooth earphones aspire to be, with great build and sound quality"

Model 3 | Yahoo Finance

"These are high-resolution music monitors and they sound fantastic"

Model 3 | Cinema-Tech

"I'm no audiophile but I can tell the quality of sound is definitely different"

Model 3 | Head-fi

"The soundstage is quite remarkable - precise, with very clear spatial cues"

Model 3 | Head-fi

"The bass is full with a chunky mid bass, with solid extension down low"

Model 3 | Kiatech

"The freedom from moving wireless to wired is greatly satisfying"

Model 3 | Soundguys

"The rumble of the bass guitar maintains all its grittiness through the Model 3"

Model 3 | Head-fi

"Female vocals, wind instruments, and pianos all sound so natural and infectious"

Model 3 | Medium

"The Advanced Sound Model 3 Packs A Fantastic Value Into An $80 Package"

Model 3 | Head-fi

"You have a solidly built, beautifully sounding wireless/wired in ear monitors"