Planar Magnetic Headphones
Proprietary planar magnetic driver delivers smooth and balanced sound with deep sub-bass extension.

This product has been discontinued or is not currently available for sale.

Smooth, Balanced Sound with Deep Sub-bass Extension
The GT-R is designed from the ground-up to be a perfect all-arounder of smooth and balanced sound with deep sub-bass extension - not only for traditional audiophile genres like classical and jazz, but also for mainstream genres like pop, rock and EDM.

Semi Open-back Design for Controlled Airflow
The GT-R has semi open-back design with proprietary damping material, which precisely controls the amount of air moving through the headphones.  This design produces a punchier, more striking bass response while allowing the treble to be more laid back compared to a fully open design.  Resulting audio is smooth, coherent and easy-to-listen for long hours.

Proprietary Planar Magnetic Driver
The proprietary single-sided planar magnetic drivers were developed exclusively for the GT-R.  This design not only provides superior audio quality, but brings the overall weight of the headphones down, making the headphones light-weight and comfortable compared to similar headphones utilizing double-sided planar magnetic drivers.  Our proprietary design provides transient and fast response for extreme detail retrieval, and powerful, distortion-free sub-bass that extends beyond 20Hz.

Designed for Comfort
The universal-fit headband allows ideal fitment for various head shapes without needing to adjust the band.  The memory foam, protein leather ear pad and headbands are highly comfortable and ideal for long listening sessions.

Replaceable Cable
User replaceable heavy duty cable comes with 2.5mm termination to 3.5mm output connector.


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