GT3 Superbass

Sonorous In-ear Monitors
84ohm, proprietary ultra-thin diaphragm mass-coil driver combined with 3-adjustable tuning filters provide the unprecedented level of low-frequency definition in its indestructible stainless steel housing.

This product has been discontinued or is not currently available for sale.


Unprecedented Low-frequency Definition
ADV. GT3 Superbass in-ear monitors are designed to produce unprecedented low-frequency definition through its integrated monitor design that consists of the proprietary driver, stainless steel acoustic housing and quad-braided silver-plated copper cable. The resulting audio is a stunning mix of sonorous, rich low-frequency texture with treble that is laid-back but extends far beyond 20Khz.

Proprietary Driver Technology
The proprietary driver in GT3 Superbass uses a 6μm ultra-thin diaphragm that is specially designed to improve the overall vibration stroke and low-frequency performance. Its voice-coil is made with high-purity copper wire which increases its moving mass by nearly 30% compared to its traditional counterparts. Combined together, GT3 Superbass produces unprecedented level of detail and definition in its sub / mid-bass region - where it reigns supreme over many in its class.

Indestructible Chassis, Tuneable Sound
The GT3 Superbass utilizes CNC-machined, PVD-coated, elegant and indestructible stainless steel acoustic housing that minimizes in-chamber acoustic resonance and driver flex. 3 pairs of tuning filters are included to adjust the sound signature to each user's preference. The tuning filters are designed to adjust the 3kHz frequency, of which the human hearing is the most sensitive at.

Highly Scaleable through Amplification
The GT3 Superbass has an impedance of 84ohm and is highly scaleable with additional amplification as it gains boost in the sub-bass and mid-range, unlocking the true potential of the driver. If you are happy with the sound of GT3 Superbass directly through your source, you will enjoy that much more when it is properly amplified.

Interchangeable MMCX Cable
There are total of 2 interchangeable MMCX cables included : a premium quad-braided silver-plated copper cable with a 3.5mm gold-plated plug, which is specifically designed to pair with the GT3 Superbass, and a mobile 3.5mm plug cable with a 3-button remote / mic that are compatible with both iOS and Android phones.



Driver unit Ultra-thin diaphragm (6μm) mass-coil dynamic driver
Impedance 84ohm+/-15%
Sensitivity 95dB+/-3dB at 1kHz
Frequency response Ultra Wideband 10Hz – 40kHz
Rated power input 1mW
Max input power 5mW
Cable composition Silver-plated copper
Cable length (SPC) 1.5M
Cable length (Mobile) 1.2M
IEM connector MMCX
Plug 3.5mm gold plated


What's Included

  • 1 pair of GT3 Superbass IEM
  • 1 MMCX silver-plated copper quad-braided cable
  • 1 MMCX mobile cable with 3-button remote/mic
  • 3 pairs of black foam tips
  • 3 pairs of black single-flange silicone tips
  • 3 pairs of black dual-flange silicone tips
  • 1 premium hard case
  • 1 leather cable tie



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