Planar Magnetic Headphones
Proprietary planar magnetic driver delivers extremely lifelike sound with accurate and expansive soundstage.

This product has been discontinued or is not currently available for sale.


Advanced Alpha Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Advanced Alpha Planar Magnetic Headphones Review Head-fi
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Advanced Alpha Planar Magnetic Headphones Frequency Response Graph


Advanced Alpha Hi-res Certificate Hi-Res Audio Certified | What does it mean?
Advanced Alpha Planar Magnetic Headphones are certified by the prestigious Japan Audio Society (JAS) to produce frequency over 40,000Hz making it an essential part of high resolution audio (96kHz/24-bit) listening experience.


Extremely Lifelike Sound Reproduction
The Alpha is designed from the ground-up to reproduce sound in the most lifelike way possible.  The vibrating bass strings, the resonating piano tones and the subtle sound of the vocalist's breath are captured and reproduced through the Alpha, providing a powerful and euphoric listening experience.

Open-back Design for Expansive Soundstage
The Alpha has the fully open-back design, which means that the headphone housing is opened and the driver inside is exposed outside.  This design allows a more natural sound reproduction that results in wider, more expansive soundstage and imaging.  The wider soundstage allows the superior instrument separation and ultimately improved micro-detail retrieval.

Proprietary Planar Magnetic Driver
The proprietary single-sided planar magnetic drivers were developed exclusively for the Alpha.  This design not only provides superior audio quality, but brings the overall weight of the headphones down, making the headphones light-weight and comfortable compared to similar headphones utilizing double-sided planar magnetic drivers.  Our proprietary design provides transient and fast response for extreme detail retrieval, and powerful, distortion-free sub-bass that extends beyond 20Hz.

Designed for Comfort
The universal-fit headband allows ideal fitment for various head shapes without needing to adjust the band.  The memory foam, protein leather ear pad and headbands are highly comfortable and ideal for long listening sessions.

Replaceable Ear Pads and Cable
The angled ear pads are easily replaceable, and 2 different sets are included to provide an option for comfort and sound.  Cable is also user replaceable, with 2.5mm termination with 3.5mm output connector.

  • 1 pair of protein leather "deep" ear pad
  • 1 pair of breathable sweat-resistant "shallow" ear pad
  • 1 silver-plated copper 8-way braided cable
  • 1 leather cable tie



Driver type Single-sided n48 planar magnetic
Driver size 96mm
Driver diaphragm Silicone composite
SPL 90dB+/-3dB (1kHz/1mW)
Impedance 34ohm
Frequency response 20Hz – 40kHz
Maximum input power 50mW
Rated input power 20mW
Cable composition Silver-plated copper
Cable length / type 2m / detachable 2.5mm jack
Output connector type 3.5mm gold plated



Advanced Alpha Planar Magnetic Headphoens User Guide

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