SPEK System

Self Precision Ear-impression Kit
Patent-pending DIY home ear impression system designed for safety and accuracy. The accurate ear impressions are the essential foundation for custom in-ear monitors, ear plugs and ear tips. Made in the USA.
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ADV. SPEK System self precision ear-impression kit



Important Disclaimer
Please note that individuals with a history of ear surgery or ear problems such as pain, irritation, excessive earwax or infection, and those with allergies or sensitivity to silicone products should not attempt the SPEK System. Instead, please refer to your local physician or audiologist for medical review/clearance and to arrange a professional impression service.

DIY Home Ear-impression Kit
ADV. SPEK (Self Precision Ear-impression Kit) System allows you to make safe and accurate ear impressions of your ear canal in the comfort of your home without needing to visit an audiologist.

Foundation for your Custom Ear Pieces
The custom ear impressions from the SPEK System allow you to make custom in-ear monitors, ear plugs and ear tips.

Designed for Foolproof Safety
The patent-pending design of the SPEK System focuses on the safety first and foremost. The SPEK System is calibrated to measure the ideal depth of you ear canal for the purpose of creating custom in-ear monitors, ear plugs and ear tips.


What's Included

  • 1 Applicator
  • 3 Flex nozzle with otoblock foam
  • 2 Otoform silicone
  • 1 Bite block


User Guide

ADV. SPEK User Guide

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